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What to do if your website is loading slow!

    If your cache is full, internet is slow, or your computer is infected with malware virus; all these factors may slow down your operation system (OS). As a result, trying to browse any website on or off the web may result in a slow load time. This does not mean that there is a problem with your website. However, if your computer is free of virus, your cache is clear, and your internet speed is good, the problem may be your website.
Large files such as images and downloadable audios and videos usually occupy large space, and as a result may delay the load time of your website.
FIX: Reduce the file size of most if not all your media files. Use photoshop for images and mp3 converter for audio and video files.

Other reasons with a website may load slow.

  • Website code need to be updated
  • Images are not optimized
  • Issues with web hosting configuration
  • Linking to heavy or unnecessary content
  • Corrupt themes or plugins files
  • Bad code or broken link

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